Virtual Tour

One can see the center beautifully located near a lake from the approach road.

Reception cum Office building is situated at the entrance.

On the first floor of the Office Building is Teacher Shri Goenkaji’s residence.

You will see a young banyan tree near the office. When dhamma was spreading in Buddha’s time, a branch of bodhi tree under which Buddha got enlightened was sent to Anuradhapur, Sri Lanka. This tree is grown up from sapling obtained from Anuradhapur.

Dhamma Naga center is full of beautiful flowers and trees.

Few more pictures of flora and fauna around the center.

Large Meditation Hall overlooking the lake can comfortably accommodate around 200 students.

Construction work on Pagoda and first phase of 64 cells began in April 2005 at an estimated cost of Rs 3.5 million and is expected to be completed by November 2005 depending upon the availability of funds.

Large numbers of pre historic man made rock circles are found in and around the centre. These date back to 3000 years and bear great archeological significance and are being studied by archeologists.

Few more rock circles over looking the Pagoda.

After your course you may visit Vipasshi Gram (Vipasshi Village) which offers residential land plots for attractive prices to meditators. This will be a very good place to live and continue practice in the vicinity of center.

This is close up of some 1 bedroom, kitchen houses already built in Vipasshi gram.

Many such notices are posted throughout the center premises to demarcate the course boundary and asking students to maintain noble silence.

View of the Female Residential Accommodations.

View of the Male Residential Accommodations.

Newly built residential accommodation offers comfortable single / double rooms..

The single rooms have attached bathroom.

Once the course starts curtains are drawn in the dining hall to maintain segregation between sexes.

This bell is rung to remind you of group sitting and lunch timings.

These bells are used to gently wake you up in mornings and indicate break between the sittings.